2018 Lexus RC 350 2-door Coupe

1247 Lexus RC 350 Coupe Side

2018 Lexus RC 350 2-door Coupe

An Automotive Love Affair
By Joe Mavilia


This is the 2018 Lexus RC 350 2-door Coupe. Wow,FLAIR YELLOW will wake up the senses. But they have some other bright colors as well. It reminds me of the Socialist countries where a drab color has been the PC thing and you’re expected to wear dark earthy colors. Those colors are surely practical and Henry Ford’s early car production lines turned out cars of any color you wanted as long as it was Black. In today’s world painting cars has reached its pinnacle as they have perfected the process so well that any color is possible – even Black.

I say Celebrate the joy of life with vibrant (lively, vivacious, exciting) colors on your car. Some are adventuresome but by and large you see mostly white and black or other dark colors on cars. The bright yellow inspired me to think about why it is so uplifting. You need only go to Nature for a rainbow of color on Birds, and frogs and so many beautiful lives in creation. In LA you even see purple and yellow hair. It does look cool but I wouldn’t want to marry it.

Well back to this car. I’ve been through nearly all Lexus product recently and this RC Sport is no exception to the great performance cars these truly are. Yellow only adds to the allure of this fast and fun to drive sport car.

I’m not so enamored with Toyota product as so many are but they truly produce a fine automobile. I’ve owned a lot of cars including a few Toyota’s over the years and driven most all on and off the race track for nearly 50 years in the Automotive industry. I like this Yellow Lexus.

General Information:

Assembly- Japan; Classification is- Midsize; Vehicles from Lexus- CT, ES,GS, GX, IS, LC, LS, LX, NX, RC, RX.

Handling & Performance:

The RC “F”model is V8 powered but the RC 350 had a V6 that I had no problem with since there was no want for more power.


Lovely design for style you can’t mistake.

Fit and Finish:

Always outstanding design and assembly at Toyota.


More than I care to pay for transportation and not as much as I would pay for a gorgeous car. Since we’re looking at high end cars why not go test drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Refi the house before you go. I’ve owned some of those too over the years. BUT, I’ve learned if it Flies, Floats or goes fast, rent it or have a friend with one.

Conveniences and comfort:

OK, so there is one thing that was noticeably lacking in this car. Getting in and out is a pain. Literally it is the nature of sport cars and it must be taken into consideration. The older you get the more difficult it is to pour yourself into a low to the ground car. Getting out is even more interesting. Girls in dresses? Men in Kilts? Something to think about.

Consumer Recommendations:

If you’re in the market for a sporty car and you’re agile enough to enter and exit the car without hurting yourself this class is exciting to drive. I’ve known women as beautiful and exciting but quite frankly they can be a pain too. Know what I mean. On the other hand, to be fair, I’m sure the gals have known guys with inflated egos as well.

Recognized Competition:

Brand $$$ Cost MPG Avg Seating Doors Country of Origin Assembled
Lexus RC 350 45,000 23 4 2 Japan Japan
Mercedes Benz C-Class 44,000 25 4 2 Germany Germany
Audi A5 44,000 27 4 2 Germany Germany
BMW 4-Series 45,000 27 4 2 Germany Germany

Good News:

Fast, fun to drive and very pretty.

Bad News:

Mostly for the young at heart.

Standard Equipment:

3.5 liter V6 dual OH Cam, direct injection and VVT (Variable Valve Timing), 8-speed auto trans with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters, Drive mode select: ECO, Normal, Sport and Snow, 18” Aluminum wheels, 8-airbags, Power ABS disc braking system with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution),Smart stop technology, Vehicle dynamic integrated management, Safety system with pre-collision system, pedestrian detection, high speed dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert with steering assist, intelligent high beam headlights, Back up camera, Lexus Enform connect with Enform remote, tire pressure monitor, 60/40 split folding rear seat, 10-way power driver seat, 8-way power passenger seat, smart access with push button start/stop, genuine wood interior trim, information display including audio, phone and trip info, Bluetooth hands free phone and audio streaming, HD radio, real time traffic and weather, MP3 player, USB integration, CD, Sirius XM satellite radio.

Gas Stats:

20 City and 28 Highway MPG

$3.65/ Gal avg. July 2, 2018

for more information.


MSRP $43,576 plus.

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