2019 Lexus UX 250 h Sport

1273 Lexus UX Front Side

2019 Lexus UX 250 h Sport

An Automotive Love Affair
By Joseph Mavilia


This is the 2019 Lexus UX 250 h Sport. UX as in Urban eXplorer and UI for User Interface all lead to this new offering which is mostly to targeting a younger audience.

And speaking of IT / high tech stuff, it has long been one of my pet peeves how IT (information technology) is dominating nearly everyone’s time. I agree with carmakers to go after the youthful customer / consumer because I know what effect it had on my car buying life. Young people are impressionable and winning their approval pays dividends for a lifetime. However, caution is advised since that sword cuts two ways. Either they come away with positive or very negative opinions.


In regard, it is common knowledge of consumers that some of the high-tech stuff is NOT wanted. So, I encourage carmakers to listen more to those who will buy their products. One example is the ‘touchpad’ approach at controlling devices. I agree with Motor Trend in saying touchpad control “has a lousy user experience”. Truly that must be looked at closely. We could be wrong, and it could eventually be embraced by consumers, and clearly carmakers are counting on that. Please write me at joe@autolove.com and let me know how you feel about this high-tech application in our automobiles.

Me, I prefer ‘knobs’ on some controls like the radio, for example, that is far easier to ‘interface’ with. Am I old fashioned? I subscribe to the KISS principle and the adage that we should “keep it simple stupid”. Let me hear from you.

General Information: Assembly: Japan; Classification is Sport Utility; Vehicles from Lexus:  ES, GS, GX, IS, LC, LS, LX, NX, RC, RX, UX.

Handling & Performance:
I love the size of this SUV because it fits my needs, and I believe it fits most needs and that explains why they sell so well. I like the maneuverability and I notice this handling benefits mostly when I get into my HUGE tank called a Ford F350 Super Duty pickup truck. Literally it requires 2 parking spaces and even virtually impossible for growing numbers of “Compact Car” spaces.

I like it.

Fit and Finish:
Always excellent assembly in all Toyota products.

Competitive in class. We all notice how close prices are between brands because Cost Accounting is bullet proof in determining the exact cost. Aren’t computers great.

Conveniences and comfort:
Generally good, but some common need features are missing. Example: nearly every person on the planet uses cell phones and tablets yet there is no real innovative solution on how to attach them in the car. Universally they provide USB ports, 12V charging ports, and all are beginning to include WiFi connectivity, CarPlay etc. But I find I must use the cupholder to put my cell phone where I can reach it without dropping it between the seats.

Consumers must rely on ‘aftermarket’ products to take care of phone holders, note pad devices etc., for use in their car. One aftermarket phone holder uses the air conditioning outlet slats to hold a phone device. Then, when I went to put the holder on the A/C vent I find they have redesigned the register outlets to prevent that.

Another feature that I would absolutely include on any car I buy is Smart Cruise Control with a ‘start/stop’ capability at all speeds. That is the most innovative feature that removes a major part of driving stress. Love it.

Consumer Recommendation:
All things considered I would encourage you to include this in your test drives in this segment of the market for smaller SUV’s. Truly, for me, it would be a toss up in choosing from the listed competition below.

Recognized Competition:

Brand $$$ Cost MPG Seating Doors Country of Origin Assembled
Lexus UX 250 35,000 31 5 4 Japan Japan
Audi Q3 36,000 23 5 4 Germany Germany
BMW X1 38,000 25 5 4 Germany USA
Mercedes Benz GLA 37,000 26 5 4 Germany Germany
Volvo XC40 41,000 26 5 4 Sweden Belgium
Infiniti QX30 42,000 25 5 4 Japan UK

Good News:
State of art features, good fuel economy, good size.

Bad News:
Tech controller touchpad is not user friendly.

Standard Equipment:
2.0 liter 4-cylinder Hybrid system with 181 combined horsepower, CVT (continuous variable transmission), Drive mode: Eco, Normal, Sport & EV,  AWD (all-wheel drive), pre-collision system, pedestrian & bicyclist detection, smart cruise control, road sign assist, lane tracing assist, auto high beams, lane departure alert with steering assist, electronic parking brake, 10 airbags, backup camera, aluminum roof rails, keyless entry with push button start, 8-way power front seats, 7” multi information display, Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, service connect to provide vehicle condition and maintenance alerts, 4-USB ports, dynamic voice command, WiFi up to 5 devices (one year 4GB complimentary data), sport tuned suspension, 18” sport wheels with run flat tires, fog lights.

Gas Stats:
33 City and 30 Highway MPG

$3.13 / Gal avg. February 5, 2019

for more information.

MSRP $36,000.

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