Red Mountain Spa – a luxurious adventure getaway awaits

red mountain spa guest roomFour hundred years ago Spanish Conquistadors endured the desert sun as they pressed north, searching for gold and converts to their faith. Tired and weary from months on the trail, they searched the desert for “La morada,” the resting place. Had this place — Red Mountain Spa — existed for them in those days, it would surely have be the Spanish who converted to Western Culture. When you are searching for your resting place in the desert — look no further than this perfect Spa, just ninety miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada and exactly 9,545 miles from Old Spain.

The Red Mountain Spa is a place to go to relax and unwind, exercise and get healthy, enjoy nature, or all of the above. This resort is a world unto itself. They offer a variety of rooms spread out in numerous buildings. You can choose the right room to fit your need based on how many people you have, how long you will be staying, or just higher quality. They also offer large and small villas, which are absolutely gorgeous. These villas are equipped with a fireplace in the living room, queen or king size beds, dining area, wet bar, and a luxurious spa bathroom. Each villa has sliding glass doors, which lead out onto a private patio offering an exceptional view of the majestic red rocks. You have never seen such vivid colors in rocks as they are in Utah. Also, just a few yards away lay a huge bed of ancient lava, which you can go explore on the Lava Loop trail. This was something I never expected to see in a state this far inland. Just another sure sign that this place has a lot to offer for just about everyone.

The Red Mountain Spa has an exceptional variety of activities for you to do to get fit. If you don’t get in shape on your visit, you must have been here to relax or haven’t been here long enough. They offer a guided hike every morning, hip-hop aerobics classes, yoga, pilates, aqua classes, and much more. The guided hikes are split up by “fitness level” as well, so you can choose to do a Trekker 1, 2, or 3 based on where you think you are. This way, while on your hike, you get the best benefit from it by going at the right speed and climb. They also take you to different locations each day. So one day you may go to the SnowCanyonState Park, then next to Zion, Bryce, or even the Grand Canyon. RedMountain also offers strength and cardio training equipment, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, and walking/biking trails. In order for you to better yourself after you leave this resort, they also offer classes to teach you how to live a healthier life. They have many to choose from such as cooking and gourmet cooking classes, nutrition, and healthy living classes to name a few. The trainers at the Red Canyon Fitness Center can also help you figure out at what heart rate you burn the most fat/carbs, what your fitness level is at, and even what your body’s age is based on a variety of things.

Now that you have had your morning of exercise and fitness you can book an appointment with one of the red mountain spa poolsidewonderful staff massage therapists RedMountain. The Spa offers a variety of different and unique massages. They obviously offer customary massages as well, but when you make it to RedMountain you need to test out some new ones. They have the Red Mountain Revitalizer, which is absolutely amazing. They do a facial and hair treatment that leaves your hair feeling amazing and so soft you will not believe it. Next they use a sea salt to exfoliate your skin to make it smooth and make you fade away into deep relaxation with a scalp massage. Now that you are at their mercy they start the full body massage, you are helpless at this point. This treatment takes about 80 minutes, which is just the right amount of time to unwind and catch your breathe after your morning of fun.

As well as a variety of other specialized treatments they offer a brand new one called the Custom Aromatherapy Massage. This massage is very unique in that it is customized to each guest’s individual needs. Each guest fills out a short questionnaire so that the massage therapist can create a very unique oil to fit your needs. Say you are having problems concentrating or you are very stressed; they can specialize the oil they use to suite your needs. This way the massage will give you the best results and you will walk away feeling totally fresh and rejuvenated. This session takes about 70 minutes, and trust me, it is definitely worth devoting your time to.

Now, maybe a massage is just not your thing. Have you ever tried acupuncture? Red Mountain Spa offers this service as well, and I have heard it really does work wonders. Maybe while you are visiting you need a haircut or your nails done. Not a problem, this spa is fully equipped with a salon; they can do pedicures and manicures, and facials (some of these come with the spa treatments). Your every need can be taken care of.

The Red Mountain Spa not only caters to your health needs physically, but also to your way of eating. The cooks the CanyonBreezeCenter restaurant really pushes eating healthy. They have displayed, at each food dish, the nutritional information for fat, calories, carbohydrates, protein, sodium, and the like. This way, if you are on a diet you can choose the foods that fit your particular needs. Now you are probably thinking that this means giving up the things that you love, but that is way off base. They have so many choices to choose from you will never leave hungry. They have a wonderful salad bar, offer a variety of fruits and vegetables, and have an array of other selections. You can enjoy some delightful herb seasoned salmon, enjoy marinara chicken, dive into a delicious stir-fry, or even have a homemade bowl of soup. Now these are just a few of the many selections they have to offer, but this list has to end somewhere. One thing I found intriguing was the cold soup that was offered. Yes, I did say cold. I have never heard of this before, and forgive me for not remembering all the ingredients in it, but it basically tasted like a pina colada. The main thing you could taste was the coconut and pineapple, and was it good.

I bet you are thinking there cannot possibly be more, right? Well, there is more. There are still a variety of things to do and we recommend that you come check it out for yourself. Some of the activities offered at the resort are seasonal, such as kayaking, rock climbing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, golfing, and more.

Red Mountain Spa is one of the three Spas that offer classes so high in quality that Trainers and massage therapists come here to take their classes and go through training. It is a very highly reputable resort. In fact, Shape Magazine has said that Red Mountain Spa is “The best outdoor fitness program on Earth”. Now who could argue with that? Check them out, call them for a brochure, and get on your way to the best experience in a lifetime. Your body will thank you!

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